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„We take responsibility.“


Every day, our TV stations reach millions of people. This is both a great opportunity and a great responsibility. As a media group, we are tasked with strengthening Germany's democratic society. Therefore, we launched a high-reach campaign for the 2013 election year, which motivated young people in particular to vote under the motto "Geh wählen!" ("Go vote!"). At the same time, we more than doubled our political reporting for the election. Young people are especially close to our hearts. We want to engage them in issues such as politics, environmental protection, and tolerance. We are particularly successful at this because we understand young people's everyday lives and speak their language. For many, the language of politics is no longer accessible. We can build bridges here with our TV shows. And we can show that it can even be fun to engage with supposedly difficult issues. In 2013, we were again active in many areas. For example, we used RED NOSE DAY donations to provide sports equipment for a gymnasium in Berlin for "The Ark", a children's charity. Our goal is to create opportunities, engage culture, communicate values, and build knowledge. We take responsibility. Here we show you how.

Our Commitment

  • Creating Opportunities

    The ProSiebenSat.1 Group raises money for children in need through charity campaigns. The most famous and successful ProSiebenSat.1 campaign is RED NOSE DAY. It has raised more than EUR 10 million since it was launched in 2003. All proceeds from RED NOSE DAY 2013 once again went to organizations which help children in need, including "Die Arche e. V.", the "Off Road Kids" project and the "Lichtpunkte" education initiative run by the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (German Children and Youth Foundation). The ProSiebenSat.1 Group has also supported the "startsocial" initiative as a co-founder since 2001. As part of this competition, founders of social projects are supported by experts from the world of business who provide their expertise and experience. The Group supported organizations including the "Freunde fürs Leben" association in 2013, which works to prevent suicides.

  • Engaging Culture

    The ProSiebenSat.1 Group supports numerous creative youth projects which help young people to enter the film and music business. For example, the best final film pieces submitted by German film academies are awarded the "FIRST STEPS Award" every year and supported with funding, expertise and air time. With "The Voice Kids", SAT.1 also established the first ever music show on German television where Germany's best young voices can showcase their talent.

  • Communicating Values

    We regard the popularity of our stations as an opportunity to generate enthusiasm for important issues such as sustainability, tolerance and diversity among young people and to communicate relevant values. One example is the annual "Tolerance Day" which champions mutual respect and opposes prejudice. Furthermore, ProSieben's "Green Seven" campaign week raises public awareness of ecological issues and shows how each individual can do something to help protect the environment.

  • Building Knowledge

    By means of their high reach the ProSiebenSat.1 Group's stations help people to form opinions. We accept this responsibility and are committed to making the public aware of important social issues. We worked particularly hard to convey political issues to young people in the 2013 election year. The aim of our station-wide programming offensive was to introduce young viewers to political topics and to motivate them to vote in the 2013 Bundestag elections. In addition, ProSiebenSat.1's stations regularly demonstrate how politics can generate enthusiasm among viewers - with TV events such as "Der Minister" which are not only entertaining, but also provide an insight into current political themes.

  • ProSiebenSat.1 Advisory Board

    Useful dialogue: Nine personalities advise ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG on media policy and societal issues.

  • Legal framework

    As a media group we take on responsibility - also for an independent formation of opinion and the protection of minors.