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ProSiebenSat.1 promotes and supports its employees. Flat hierarchies, an open and collegial work environment, interesting tasks, performance-driven compensation and a wide array of special benefits make ProSiebenSat.1 an attractive employer.

  • ... rewards outstanding accomplishments
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    We place a high priority on making sure all our employees are familiar with the strategic goals of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, so that every one of them can make his or her contribution to the success of our company. We expect above-average performance; and we reward it, too. Under our bonus model "TOP Goals," every employee sets individual goals in consultation with his or her supervising manager. When those goals are achieved, the employee receives a bonus, the amount of which is determined on the basis of his or her personal success and the overall success of the company. For our managers, we have introduced a bonus program known as Performance Development, under which the manager's professional performance and leadership skills are evaluated.

  • ... balances work and family

    ProSiebenSat.1 wants its employees to be able to balance work and family life. For example, the company operates a day care center for preschool-age children of its employees, known as "Telezwerge" (or "TV-Dwarves"). In 2010, we doubled the capacity of our day care center in order to benefit even more families. We also provide a monthly allowance of 155 euros to parents, who take their children to an outside day care center.

  • ... helps its employees stay fit

    We help our employees maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Besides cooperation arrangements with fitness clubs and manufacturers of sporting goods, ProSiebenSat.1 Group also offers regular back exercise programs and yoga courses. Employees can also schedule appointments with the company physician and/or receive treatment from the company's own masseur.

  • ... helps employees plan for retirement

    These days, individual retirement savings are considered indispensable. The ProSiebenSat.1 Group subsidizes employees' premiums for direct insurance policies or contributions to pension funds, in order to help them make provisions for their own future. In addition, all permanent employees are covered individually under the company's group accident insurance plan.

  • ... tastes good

    Our cafeteria crew prepares a wide variety of tasty dishes at fair prices to make the lunch break even more enjoyable for employees. With an extensive buffet of salads and finger-foods, accompanied by alternating daily specials, our employees can receive balanced nutrition at work. Highlights include regular culinary themes such as "sushi week" or set menus devoted to the cuisine of specific countries. For in-between snacks, we offer comfortable lounges in nearly all our buildings, as well as tea and coffee.

  • ... helps employees manage their daily lives

    We strive to make sure that employees can strike a healthy balance between work and free time. To that end, we offer various services on our company premises, including laundry, ironing and tailoring.

  • ... offers special shopping benefits to its employees

    In our company shop, employees can buy merchandising products from the "We Love" collection and other products of the German TV stations at discounted prices. Our employees can also benefit from special discount prices from our other partner groups.